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Sustainable livelihoods, sustainable consumption patters, sustainable health practices, and more are all aspects of the social and economic dimensions of locally and individually driven sustainability practices that can be implemented by those interested in practices that support living for the highest good of all concerned. Explore the chapters below for details and ideas on the […]


Sustainable local level and individually driven conservation and preservation of natural resources and reduction and management of waste includes a diversity of topics that can benefit everyone if implemented. Explore the chapters below for details and ideas on the diversity of topics available. The Original Agenda 21 Why Rewrite Agenda 21 THIS SITE IS STILL […]


Sustainable Collaboration, Collaborative Future Making, Making our future together

Collaboration and the empowerment on the individual and local level is foundational to forward movement taken in the highest good of all concerned. This page covers the sections regarding specific groups and broader ideas to assist implementation where assistance is desired. Explore the chapters below for details and ideas on the diversity of topics available. […]

Why Rewrite Agenda 21

There are two primary reasons we chose to adopt and rewrite Agenda 21 as the People’s Agenda 21. The first reason was because we saw the comprehensive nature of the original document as a perfect template and foundation for a website dedicated to sharing individual and local-level action items for people interested in sustainability. The second reason was to create a structure that our open source sustainability project, One Community, could use to organize the open source content our non-profit organization is creating while interacting with the global community to identify where additional content from us and others is needed most.


My first introduction to Agenda 21 was actually via a friend who sent me an e-mail titled “You Owe it to Yourself to Know about Agenda 21,” suggesting enough negativity to arouse my concern and curiosity. I started doing some of my own research to see what I could turn up and I eventually came upon the original document and read it page by page for myself.

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  • Open Source Sustainability

    One Community is bringing together the forward thinkers and solution focused people of the world to participate, contribute, adapt, and evolve a new way to live that integrates the principles of sustainability with a culture of cooperation and collaboration. The purpose is to demonstrate a more sustainable and fulfilled living model and environment that we […]

  • Thinking Globally

    One Community has a four phase global sustainable community strategy to address the problems of today and prepare for the challenges of the next century by not just creating a model solution, but by implementing a model for creating solutions. There are four phases of creation and as One Community develops through the four phases […]

  • What is One Community

    One Community is a low-impact living model demonstrating large-scale sustainability and fulfilled living as the open source blueprints for a sustainable civilization. Our mission is to demonstrate a new way of living that addresses the pressing problems of today and prepares the world for the challenges of the next century through a duplicable […]