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Local Community Development

Please note: This page is still under construction – please click here for a list of completed chapters. The People’s Agenda 21 Project is a 100% volunteer project created and designed by the One Community Team. We are working 1000′s of hours to keep developing its 40 chapters of sustainability to share for those interested in sustainability what is available and working around the world. Thank you for your patience.


Because so many of the problems and solutions being addressed by People’s Agenda 21 have their roots in local activities, the participation and cooperation of local authorities can be a determining factor in implementing its ideas. Local authorities construct, operate and maintain economic, social and environmental infrastructure, oversee planning processes, support local environmental infrastructures and regulations, and assist in exploring individual and local environmental infrastructures. As the level of governance closest to the people, they play a vital role in educating, mobilizing and responding to the public to demonstrate sustainable development. Furthermore, informed, caring and concerned citizens can take action at the local level to let local officials know what they want and what direction to take.


  • Local community development
  • Local initiatives for children
  • Local health initiatives
  • Local government initiatives
  • Local planning authority
  • Local environmental initiatives


It is important to develop a sense community amongst people. When people feel a part of a community they care about its health, its appearance and most importantly, the people living in that community. Together we can start a community renaissance of ideas and positive, healthy change.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Encourage people to join action groups via local meet up or social network, e-mail list, online petition, peaceful protest, etc. with the purpose of having people’s voices and opinions heard. This is more important than ever as many feel their elected representatives are not representing their views and opinions. It is important that elected officials hear the voices and opinions of the people they represent
  • Begin or continue a process aimed at increasing cooperation between local authorities


Children are important to any parent, but incredibly important to a community as well. With the proper initiatives and education our children can become helpers and leaders in the community.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Develop community child care programs
  • Develop community child education programs
  • Share your ideas


Starting local health initiatives has the power to transform a community, providing fit, strong kids, education on healthy new ideas, and ideas that can help transform the local food landscape.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Develop community health education classes
  • Share your ideas


Government bodies and elected officials can do a world of good by taking part to help implement People’s Agenda 21 ideas.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Share your ideas
  • Share your ideas


Local planning authorities play a key role in shaping community layout and development.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Each local authority can enter into a dialogue with its citizens, local organizations and private enterprises and explore and develop “a local People’s Agenda 21″. Through consultation and consensus-building, local authorities would learn from citizens and from local, civic, community, business and industrial organizations and acquire the information needed for formulating the best strategies to move forward
  • Share your ideas


At the local level people can do a great deal to prepare and clean up their community making it safer and less stressful to live in.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Help start volunteer initiatives focused on helping the local environment
  • Share your ideas