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Youth in Decision Making

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Youth comprise nearly 30 percent of the world’s population. The involvement of today’s youth in decision making, environment and in the implementation of programs is key to the long-term success of People’s Agenda 21.


  • Youth in decision making and government
  • Youth in sustainable development

People's Agenda 21, Ideas for the betterment of humanity, serving the highest good of all


It is imperative that youth from all parts of the world participate actively in all relevant levels of decision making processes as it affects their lives today and has implications for their futures. In addition to their intellectual contribution and their ability to mobilize support, they bring unique perspectives that can be taken into account. Each country can create and maintain greater human rights for young people, particularly young women and girls, and can consider providing all youth with legal protection, skills, opportunities and the support beneficial for them to fulfill their personal, economic and social aspirations and potentials.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Support ideas allowing for consultation and possible participation of youth in decision-making processes with regard to the environment, involving youth at the local, individual and local and regional levels
  • Demonstrate dialogue with youth organizations regarding the drafting and evaluation of environment plans and programs or questions on development
  • Incorporate youth perspectives on social and economic development and resource management
  • Give support to programs, projects, networks, individual and local organizations which encourage the involvement of youth in project identification, design, implementation and follow-up
  • Improve the dissemination of relevant information to governments, youth organizations and other non-governmental organizations on current youth positions and activities, and monitor and evaluate the application of People’s Agenda 21


Children not only will inherit the responsibility of looking after the Earth, but in many developing locations they comprise nearly half the population. Furthermore, children in both developing and industrialized locations are highly vulnerable to the effects of environmental degradation. Youth representation is key in the participatory process on environment and development and the future sustainability of any actions taken to improve the environment.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Address the basic needs of youth and children
  • Demonstrate primary environmental care activities that address the basic needs of communities, improve the environment for children at the household and community level and demonstrate the participation and empowerment of local populations
  • Expand educational opportunities for children and youth, including education for environmental and developmental opportunity
  • Mobilize communities through schools and local health centers so that children and their parents become effective focal points for sensitization of communities to environmental issues
  • Support ideas to incorporate children’s concerns into all relevant infrastructures and strategies for environment and development at the local, regional and individual levels

People's Agenda 21, Ideas for the betterment of humanity, serving the highest good of all