Transfer of Technology

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Environmentally sound technologies protect the environment by using resources in a more sustainable manner, through whole systems that include ideas, organizational models, product design and process.  By improving transfer of and access to technology that allows for less pollution, less waste and more sustainability to the environment and the well-beings of the community citizens, we succeed in creating cooperative systems that involve joint efforts by the suppliers and recipients of technology.


  • Open source sharable new product design process
  • Technology transfer process and programs

People's Agenda 21, Ideas for the betterment of humanity, serving the highest good of all


The primary goal in improving access to technology information is to enable more informed choices, leading to improved use of technology to support community needs.  A critical mass of research, development and information is the key in bringing the environmentally sound technologies to local community.  Achieving this critical mass involves educating and nurturing the abilities of craftspeople, technician, scientist, engineers and designers, and educators.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Assist providing access, in particular to developing communities, scientific and technological information
  • Facilitate and finance access to and transfer of environmentally sound technologies and corresponding know-how to communities
  • Demonstrate and educate communities in sound indigenous technologies
  • Support endogenous building to explore and develop new technologies through human resource development, support for research and development and assessment of local technology needs
  • Demonstrate long-term relationships between technology providers and users


A large body of useful technology information lies in the public domain.  Much of this information is located on various websites on the internet and are not covered by patents. Existing proprietary technology is available through commercial channels and we can tap into and improve these existing technologies through local innovation and location specific adjustments.  The technology transfer process also involves innovative adaptation and symbiotic incorporation with specific local and individual cultures.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Development of individual and local information networks which link individual and local systems to regional and sub-regional networks
  • Support for and demonstration of transferring technology.  Communities can demonstrate effective modalities for the access and transfer of environmentally sound technologies
  • Formulating infrastructures and programs for the effective transfer of sound technologies that are reside in the public domain
  • Creating favorable condition to innovate, market and use environmentally sound technologies;
  • Supporting the network of collaborative research centers

People's Agenda 21, Ideas for the betterment of humanity, serving the highest good of all