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The Role of Non Governmental Organizations

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Non-governmental organizations play a vital role in the shaping and implementation of participatory democracy. Their credibility lies in the responsible and constructive role they play in society. Formal and informal organizations, as well as grass-roots movements, can be recognized as partners in the implementation of People’s Agenda 21. The nature of the independent role played by non-governmental organizations within a society calls for real participation; therefore, independence is a potential attribute of non-governmental organizations and is the precondition of real participation. The community of non-governmental organizations, therefore, offers a global network that can be tapped, enabled and supported in conjunction with efforts to achieve these common goals.


  • The role of non-governmental organizations
  • Partnering with governmental organizations
  • Maintaining an open dialogue between all organizations
  • Promoting participation of other non-governmental organizations

People's Agenda 21, Ideas for the betterment of humanity, serving the highest good of all


Non-governmental organizations can have a great influence on global events and local ones. Furthermore, these can be the most important organizations in times of much needed change. It is important that well intentioned and responsible groups emerge and those already existing gain support to make much needed changes for sustainability and the land we live on. Non-governmental organizations give ordinary citizens without the means to become elected officials, the chance to make real change in their community and world, their lives, and the lives of others.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Join or start community volunteer initiatives to help convert unused land into food growing land or gardens
  • Join or start community volunteer initiatives to raise awareness and educate about sustainability and environment
  • Join or start community volunteer initiatives for anything related to the advancement of  sustainability and environmental protection
  • The more people that get involved, the more influence the general public has in decisions and developments, and the more non-governmental groups of genuine, concerned, caring and helpful citizens has the potential to address the majorities’ views and values more diversely than governments and elected officials seem to be able to do as current events show the majority of the public are dissatisfied with their representatives


Working together we can make positive changes for people everywhere. Governments are more than welcome and encouraged to do all they can to help.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Share your ideas here


Communication and sharing is key to moving forward. Now the we have the ability to communicate online anywhere in the world it opens up tremendous doors to opportunity and so it is time to use these new tools for good.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Governments and individual and local bodies can demonstrate and allow the participation of non-governmental organizations in the conception, support and evaluation of official mechanisms and formal ideas designed to review the implementation of People’s Agenda 21 at all levels
  • A mutually productive dialogue can be supported at the individual and local level between all Governments and non-governmental organizations and their self-organized networks to recognize and help support their respective roles in exploring environmentally sound and sustainable development
  • Take into account the findings of non-governmental monitoring and review mechanisms in the design and evaluation of infrastructures concerning the implementation of People’s Agenda 21 at all levels
  • Make available and accessible to non-governmental organizations the data and information beneficial for their effective contribution to research and to the design, implementation and evaluation of programs


The earth is everyone’s home and it will take a global effort to make it clean and beneficial for human life again, just as it has taken a global effort to make it unclean and unsafe and hazardous. Everyone is encouraged to participate and this section will talk about the best ways to promote this.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Share your ideas here