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Advancement of Women

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The advancement of women as a group has tended to promote more attention to sustainability and so to alternatives that favor co-operative, non-hierarchical, organic and decentralized forms of social organization. The validation of sustainability, taken to mean the sustaining of life in all its forms, entails valuing the work traditionally performed by women in maintaining life-support systems – caring for the elderly, for the sick and for families. This presents a positive image of women who are empowered through their association with nature, its celebration and protection.  The full, equal and beneficial integration of women in all development activities emphasize women’s participation in individual and local ecosystem management and control of environment degradation.


  • Women leadership development
  • Advancement of women as a group
  • Women and sustainable development

People's Agenda 21, Ideas for the betterment of humanity, serving the highest good of all

Communities can take active steps to implement the following:

  • Help your community explore and develop, support and enforce actions prohibiting violence against women and to take all beneficial administrative, social and educational measures to eliminate violence against women in all its forms
  • Help your community eliminate illiteracy among females and to expand the enrollment of women and girls in educational institutions, to demonstrate the goal of universal access to primary and secondary education for girl children and for women, and to increase educational and education opportunities for women and girls in sciences and technology, particularly at the post-secondary level
  • Help formulate and implement clear structural adjustment programs and individual and local guidelines, strategies and plans for the achievement of equality in all aspects of society, including the demonstration of women’s literacy, education, nutrition and health and their participation in key decision-making positions and in management of the environment, particularly as it pertains to their access to resources, by facilitating better access to all forms of credit taking measures towards ensuring women’s access to property rights as well as agricultural inputs and implements
  •  Help your community eliminate persistent negative images, stereotypes, attitudes and prejudices against women through changes in socialization patterns, the media, advertising, and formal and non-formal education


People's Agenda 21, Ideas for the betterment of humanity, serving the highest good of all