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The Role of Trade Unions

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Trading terms offered through fair trade enable producers and workers to maintain a sustainable livelihood; that is one that not only meets day-to-day needs for economic, social and environmental well-being but that also enables improved conditions in the future. There is a commitment to a long-term (trading) partnership that enables both sides to cooperate through information sharing and planning, and the importance of these factors in ensuring decent working conditions are recognized. In other words, sustainable jobs are not just about the market, they about the people in long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Efforts to implement sustainable employment at the local level will involve adjustments and opportunities at the individual, local and enterprise levels, with workers foremost among those concerned.


  • Sustainable employment
  • The role of trade unions

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Communities can increase the provision of workers’ education, education and reeducation,  in the role of trade unions as it relates to the area of sustainable employment, health, safety and environment.
  • Trade unions, employers and communities can cooperate to ensure that the concept of sustainable development is equitably implemented.
  • Communities can  support joint (employer/worker) or tripartite (employer/worker/community) collaborative mechanisms at the workplace, community and individual can be supported to deal with safety, health and environment, including special reference to the rights and status of women in the workplace.
  • You can help your community ensure that workers and their representatives are provided with all relevant information to enable effective participation in the decision-making processes.