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Sustainable Livelihoods

Creating sustainable livelihoods for individuals and communities is foundational to a global abundance model. By working together we have the ability to not only create sustainable living models that reduce the cost of living, and sustainable livelihood solutions for financial abundance, but also solutions which can be easily implemented and adapted anywhere in the world while still paying attention to human developmental goals and the liberty of the human spirit.


  • Community based sustainable livelihoods
  • Empowerment at the individual and local level

People's Agenda 21, Ideas for the betterment of humanity, serving the highest good of all


Community based sustainable livelihoods are livelihoods that are organized and managed entirely on the local level. While they may in some cases provide a service or tangible good to the global community, their infrastructure and staff are sourced locally. The most complete example of this would be a completely food and energy self-sufficient community with a built in business model for revenue generation; effective because it reduces the cost of living while simultaneously producing income.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

Here’s one example of what’s possible even in an urban environment: (click here for their facebook fan page)


Empowerment is said to require access to information and a say in decision making. We now have the opportunity to empower people and communities by giving them control over their natural resources, land, food production and so much more. We can empower people by giving them control over the things that they need, not just to survive, but to thrive. When people create renewable, self made, self controlled, food, energy, and shelter systems, they are empowered. When people take action for the highest good of all concerned they are empowered.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Start workshops or meetup groups via that bring like-minded people together and focus on community based action and training in new sustainable livelihood methods (i.e. construction, food production, manufacturing, energy, etc.)
  • Look at areas that you may feel are currently disempowering people and organize to create a sustainable solution (here’s a video of how they did this with water harvesting in India)
  • Look at other areas in your local community where you can take action (here’s a video of someone who did this through planting trees) for the highest good of all and organize others interested in joining you. Consider forming a non-profit organization (here’s a resource) in support for your continued proactivity in your specific action area.
  • Explore timebanking (here’s a great timebank resource and directory) and other alternative forms of lowering your cost of living and meeting needs without money.
People's Agenda 21, Ideas for the betterment of humanity, serving the highest good of all