Completed Chapters

The People’s Agenda 21 Project is a 100% volunteer project created and designed by the One Community Team to function as a living document that will grow and evolve indefinitely with the open source input of all who wish to contribute to it. We are working 1000’s of hours to keep developing it as we research what is available and working around the world to share as usable resources for those interested in sustainability.

When complete this site will consist of 40 chapters covering all aspects of sustainability, thank you for your patience. Here are the chapters that are ready as demonstrations of what the entire website will look like and offer when complete:

Chapter 3: Sustainable Livelihoods
Chapter 6: Protecting and Promoting Human Health
Chapter 16: Biotechnology Management
Chapter 17: Ocean Preservation
Chapter 22: Radioactive Wastes
Chapter 30: Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship
Chapter 33: Community Management of Financial Resources
Chapter 35: Science for Sustainable Development